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Plovput LLC limited liability commercial company for
maintenance of maritime waterways and radio service


Lighthouse Cape Struga

Basic data
Geographical position The cape of Struga, situated in the middle of the southern side of the island of Lastovo
Lighthouse keeper Yes
Built 1839
Nautical data
PS, No. / Admirality No. 692 / E3544
Position 42° 43,4' N / 016° 53,4' E
Light character W Fl 10s (0,6+9,4)s
Visibility sector 259°-095°(196°)
Main light range 27NM
Standby light range 12NM
Height of light above M.H.W. 104m
Tower height 20m
Fog signal character -
Fog signal range -
Racon character -
Racon range -
Remote Control System Yes

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