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Plovput LLC limited liability commercial company for
maintenance of maritime waterways and radio service

Remote Control System

In order to permanently raise the level of safety of navigation and reduce costs of maintenance of aids to navigation, Plovput modernized its lighthouse service by introduction of a remote control system on 103 aids to navigation.

The basic function of this system is to transmit alarm situations from aids to navigation in due time, to collect permanently the data about aids to navigation and to elaborate and store them.

The system consists of:

  • Control Center situated in the Maintenance department in Split;
  • Center for reporting of alarm states with 24 hours watch, located at Coast Radio Station Split Radio;
  • Equipment on 103 aids to navigation.

These Centers are connected by VPN network based on TCP/IP technology, while the aids are connected by means of GSM network.

Data obtained on aids to navigation depend upon the type of installed equipment and the way in which the energy is supplied. They include:

  • correct functioning of main and stand-by light;
  • correct functioning of other installed devices;
  • unauthorized entrance into an aid to navigation;
  • the existing voltage, current of charging and discharging of batteries;
  • public network voltage;
  • temperature inside an aid…

Apart from aids to navigation control, there is also a local light managing which includes:

  • on determined aids to navigation, engagement of stand-by light in case of a failure of main light;
  • on all aids to navigation, in case of a failure on light batteries or on remote control equipment,
  • switching from one battery to another.

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