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Plovput LLC limited liability commercial company for
maintenance of maritime waterways and radio service

Safety of Navigation

Svjetionik Rt Stončica

In accordance with the Maritime Code, a maritime waterway in the internal sea waters and territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia is a sea region which is sufficiently deep and large for a secure navigation and which has also signalization, if necessary.

Aids to navigation on maritime waterways in the internal sea waters and territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia are as follows: lighthouses, coast lights, buoys and other marks, signal stations and radio stations, as well as optical, audible, electrical, electronical, radar and other devices necessary to enable a safe navigation.

Light dues are paid for use of aid to navigation on maritime waterways.

Maritime waterways of the Republic of Croatia should be maintained, their navigability guaranteed and aid to navigation implemented in order to assure their correct functioning.

All the activities as per last two items are carried out by the commercial society ''Plovput''.

For installation of lights and marks on various obstacles on maritime waterways, as well as for researches and use of industrial and other mineral row materials, namely for implementation of aids to navigation on fairway, Harbour Master's Office determines the position, light characters and marks and measures for safe navigation, after having obtained the opinion of the commercial society ''Plovput''.

Investor, owner or user of these aids which represent permanent or temporary obstacles on maritime waterways (bridges, cables, wrecks etc.) is obliged to install and maintain lights and marks on these obstacles within the terms determined by relevant Harbour Master's Office.

Coast radio stations keep radio service which serve to protect life at sea and provide safety of navigation.

According to regulations governing radio traffic from the previous item, coast radio stations are obliged to assure permanent watch and other necessary services.

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