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Maritime Safety Information (MSI)

Maritime Safety Information (MSI) broadcasts all three coast radio stations via VHF System in English and Croatian language, as well as CRS Split Radio via Navtex System in English (International NAVTEX Service) and Croatian language (Nacional NAVTEX Service) with a remark that all three CRS participate in preparation and broadcasting of NAVTEX messages. Navtex messages of international importance are sent to Navarea coordinator in English language.

MSI information includes:

  • Navigational warnings;
  • Weather reports;
  • Search and rescue reports;
  • Other urgent information about safety of navigation.

Navigational warnings include urgent information about safety of navigation. Warning should be clear, short and not ambiguous and should contain position and description of danger. Usually all other information are also given which make navigation near the danger easier. Navigational warnings contain information about new aids, failures on navigational equipment, tearing of buoys from their position, wrecks, floating obstacles on fairway, etc. These warnings remain valid until their revocation by the National Coordinator. However, if these warnings are published in the Notices to Mariners, after the period of six weeks they do not need to be broadcasted any more.
The National Coordinator for navigational warnings in the Republic of Croatia is Croatian Hydrographic Institute from Split, while Navarea Coordinator for Navarea region III is located in Cadiz, Spain.

Weather reports include warnings about gales, synoptic data and weather forecasts for mariners. Maritime meteorological service in the Adriatic makes part of the Meteorological and Hydrological Service with its seat in Split (Marine Meteorological Center).

Information about search and rescue contain only information about regions in which these actions are carried out and they do not contain information about distress calls and search and rescue actions.

Other urgent information related to safety of navigation contains safety messages which do not belong to the category of navigational warnings, weather reports or search and rescue information. They may include information about failures on maritime communication systems, or information about works on them.


CRS Split Radio (Q) 518 kHz 02:40 / 06:40 / 10:40 / 14:40 / 18:40 / 22:40
CRS Split Radio (F) 490 kHz 00:50 / 04:50 / 08:50 / 12:50 / 16:50 / 20:50


CRS Rijeka Radio Ch 04, Ch 19, Ch 20, Ch 23, Ch 24, Ch 81, Ch 85 05:30 / 12:30 / 19:30 / 00:30
CRS Split Radio Ch 07, Ch 21, Ch 23, Ch 28, Ch 81, Ch 84 05:45 / 12:45 / 19:45 / 00:45
CRS Dubrovnik Radio Ch 04, Ch 07, Ch 28, Ch 85 06:20 / 13:20 / 20:20 / 01:20

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