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Plovput LLC limited liability commercial company for
maintenance of maritime waterways and radio service

VHF System

VHF System is a part of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) in which communications are made on frequencies prescribed by Radio Regulations which regulate the scope and order of usage of radio channels in VHF frequency bands (from 156 MHz to 174 MHz). For VHF maritime radio service 56 VHF channels are used (simplex and duplex channels), among which channel 16 is foreseen for calls and communications in case of a distress and for other communications. VHF channel 70 (156.525 MHz) is used for DSC calls, without regard to the type of call, while other VHF channels are used for other types of communications.

Plovput's VHF system includes the equipment located on three coast radio stations and on 19 sites.

Coast radio stations are connected with each other, as well as with VHF base radio stations by means of a VPN network based on TCP/IP technology.

CRS Rijeka Radio Lighthouse Savudrija 16, 81
R.R.S. Sv. Martin  16, 85
R.R.S. Učka 16, 24
R.R.S. Razromir 16, 23
R.R.S. Osoršćica 16, 19
Lighthouse Susak 16, 20
R.R.S. Kamenjak 16, 04
CRS Split Radio R.R.S. Ćelavac 16, 28
R.R.P. Sv. Mihovil 16, 07
M.B. Žirje  16 
R.R.S. Labinštica 16, 21
R.R.S. Sv. Jure 16, 84
R.R.S. Vidova Gora 16, 23
M.B. Hum (isl. Vis) 16, 81
CRS Dubrovnik Radio R.R.S. Uljenje 16, 04
R.R.S. Hum (isl. Lastovo) 16, 85
C.R.S. Gorica Sv. Vlaha 16, 19
R.R.S. Srđ 16, 07 
R.R.S. Ilijino brdo 16, 28


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