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Plovput LLC limited liability commercial company for
maintenance of maritime waterways and radio service

Maritime Radio Service

In accordance with the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS), the eastern part of the Adriatic Sea belongs to A1 Maritime region in which the Republic of Croatia is obliged to provide coverage with VHF, VHF DSC and NAVTEX signal.

With the Law about Plovput it is stated that the above mentioned activities shall be carried out by Plovput on behalf of the Republic of Croatia.

Maritime radio service of Plovput is carried out by means of VHF, VHF DSC and Navtex systems via three coast radio stations: Rijeka Radio, Split Radio and Dubrovnik Radio.

The activities of Maritime radio service include:

  • Permanent watch on emergency and safety of navigation frequencies (VHF ch 16 and VHF DSC ch 70) with the scope to protect human lives at sea, in accordance with the Radio Regulations;
  • Mediation in cases of emergency and safety which are coordinated by Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre in Rijeka (MRCC), in accordance with the National plan for search and rescue at the sea;
  • Mediation in communications regarding request of ships for medical assistance;
  • Transmission of Maritime Safety Information (MSI) by means of VHF and Navtex systems;
  • Commercial radio service from ships, in accordance with the International Telecommunication Regulations, which is carried out via VHF system;
  • Providing of radio service to the Government’s bodies (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, Harbour Masters' Offices, Police, Navy, Ministries, etc.).

In order to enable its own basic activities, Plovput organized internal radio service which includes VHF radio equipment in all Maritime regions, on lighthouses with lightkeepers, in the Signal station of Jadrija and onboard its ships.

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