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Lighthouse Islet Sestrica Vela - Tajer

Basic data
Geographical position The islet of Sestrica Vela, on the northeastern side of the National park of Kornati
Lighthouse keeper Yes
Built 1876
Nautical data
PS, No. / Admirality No. 366 / E3134
Position 43° 51,2' N / 015° 12,5' E
Light character W Fl 8s (1+7)s
Visibility sector 360°
Main light range 20NM
Standby light range 12NM
Height of light above M.H.W. 47m
Tower height 26m
Fog signal character -
Fog signal range -
Racon character -
Racon range -
AIS E3134 Otocic Sestrica Vela
Remote Control System Yes

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