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Plovput LLC limited liability commercial company for
maintenance of maritime waterways and radio service


Plovput has 4 ships-workshops, 1 bigger boat and 7 speed boats. They serve for construction and installation of new aids and modernization and maintenance of the existing aids to navigation, repairing of concrete blocks, wharves, boat hoists and auxiliary structures on lighthouses and other aids to navigation, as well as for regular supplies of lighthouses with equipment and stock necessary for carrying out of lighthouse service.


M/V "Svilaja"

M/V ''Svilaja''is a ship-workshop specialized for modernization and maintenance works on existing aids to navigation. For that reason, apart from the members of its regular crew, there are also some other employees of the Maintenance department (electricians, electronic specialists, masons, ceramics specialists, carpenters, plastic works specialists, locksmiths and tinsmiths), in dependence on the type of work to be carried out on an aid to navigation. The ship has water tanks and a well equipped onboard workshop. The navigational system includes: radar, GPS, plotter, magnetic compass, echo sounder and tachometer.

Properties M/V "Svilaja"
Length 31,12 m
Breadth 7,20 m
Draft 2,60 m
Speed 9,5 kn
GRT 153,29
Load capacity 40 t
Drive Cummins KTA 19M3, 373 kW
Hull material wood
Crew no. 8
Built at ''Jozo Lozovina Mosor'', Trogir
Built 1953.

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