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Plovput LLC limited liability commercial company for
maintenance of maritime waterways and radio service


Financial and Informatics department takes care of finances, bookkeeping and informatics and coordinates the activities related to finances, bookkeeping and informatics in other organizational units of the Society.
This department consists of:

  • Division for financial affairs with Financial section and Salaries accounting section;
  • Bookkeeping division with Bookkeeping section and Planning and analyses section;
  • Informatics division.


Commercial deparetment carries out the activities related to purchasing, sale and insurance and coordinates and supervises all commercial activities in other organizational units of the Society.
Making part of the Commercial department there are:

  • Purchasing division with Main storehouse;
  • Sales division with Touristic activities section;
  • Insurance division.


Legal and Personnel department takes care of legal representation, representation in property matters, administrative matters, labor legislation, safety at work, fire prevention and surroundings protection. It coordinates and supervises all the actions related to legal and personnel matters in other organizational units of the Society.
Organizational units which make part of Legal and personnel sector are as follows:

  • Legal division;
  • Personnel and administrative division;
  • Safety at work division.

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