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Plovput LLC limited liability commercial company for
maintenance of maritime waterways and radio service


Safety of navigation department takes care of technical development, designing and supervision, as well as supervision of aids to navigation and maritime radio service. In sense of technical expertise it is governing the Maintenance department and Maritime Regions and it is also responsible for quality, quantity and dynamics of execution of works. Making part of Safety of navigation department, there are Nautical, Radio-electronical, Hydrological and constructions and Naval engineering divisions.


Maintenance department carries out construction, implementation, modernization and maintenance works on aids to navigation, implementation and maintenance of systems which make part of maritime radio service, maintenance of buildings and technical equipment and devices of the society and works for third persons. These works are carried out by means of the following activities: hydrological and constructions, electrical and electronical, mechanical-metal, naval engineering, research and perforations, carpentry, auto mechanic, transportation, drive and administration.

Organizational units within the Maintenance department are as follows:

  • Electrical-electronical workshop;
  • Mechanical-metal workshop;
  • Hydrological and constructions;
  • Transportation;
  • Administration.


Maritime regions are organizational units which carry out their activities in respective defined regions of the territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia. They take care of maintenance of aids to navigation, its equipment and devices and also of devices making part of maritime radio service, lightkeeping service and radio service on lighthouses.

The following organizational units make part of Maritime regions:

  • Coast radio stations;
  • Electrical and mechanical workshops.

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